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We are ORBIS

Since 1950, ORBIS has been designing and manufacturing electrical equipment focused on energy management and efficiency, following international safety, quality and environmental protection standards. We have always done this with our own technology and brands, guided by our “smart energy” motto and providing a comprehensive multi-speciality portfolio of electrical products.

We have been decarbonising our cities for over 70 years, with our technology solutions enabling energy savings and efficient resource management in millions of facilities. This is how we reinforce our commitment to the environment and future generations.

Our strength

We are a Spanish company with a strong international outlook. We have four production centres in the European Union from which we supply to over 70 countries. Additionally, we have in-house sales presence in Spain and in countries such as Italy and Germany.
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Our history

To that energy of our industry’s pioneers, of our customers and collaborators, to that energy that has always brought about change, we add a new proposal for resource use, smart energy…

For over 70 years, we have relied on the energy of our customers and partners to design and manufacture the most advanced electrical equipment for energy management and efficiency. Over 70 years in which we have consolidated the presence of our brands and products in more than 60 countries, supplied from our 4 production centers in the European Union. Our motto “smart energy” leads the broadest multi-specialized offer in the market.

Over 70 years during which the trust and loyalty of our customers and our human team, with the highest degree of qualification and commitment, have made possible a continuous expansion of our business and investments, the research and development of new products and systems, the creation of jobs and, in short, the satisfaction of the needs and expectations of our costumers all over the world.

RSC: Our Motto

Our message refers to this efficiently managed and used energy as “smart energy” and contains our strong commitment to the conservation of nature and the safekeeping of people’s rights and opportunities.

At ORBIS, we design and manufacture our products using “clean” processes and materials, in a framework of loyal relationships with our customers and partners, products that propose an efficient and responsible use of natural resources to achieve sustainable development, improve our quality of life and guarantee that of future generations.


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