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There are some models of mobile telephones and tablet on the market that may experience problems when communicating with ASTRO NOVA CITY, ASTRO UNO or DATA LOG devices (with built-in Bluetooth or using a BLUETOOTH DONGLE).

IMPORTANT: Check that the smartphone or tablet has one of these versions installed: Apple (iPhone 4S or higher, IPad 3 or higher), Android (version 4.3 or higher and devices compatible with Bluetooth 4.0 LE).

Below are the steps to follow if the application displays an error message:

  1. Check that the Bluetooth dongle version is V 2.0.
  2. Delete the application from your mobile telephone and download the latest version.
  3. Disconnect the power from the device and completely close the application.
  4. Reconnect the power to the device, open the application and read the device from the application, clicking on the icon:

Message: No device has been found
Reason: There is no communication with the device
Solution: Follow steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Message: ORBIS ANC XXX has rejected the pairing
Reason: There is no communication with the device
Solution: Follow steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Message: It could not be paired because the PIN is incorrect
Reason: The mobile telephone is requesting a PIN code from the device to enable Bluetooth communication
Solution: Deactivate PIN request on your mobile telephone for Bluetooth connections. Check that the option “visible to other devices” is activated on your mobile telephone

Message: Incompatible version; application must be updated
Reason: Identifies that the device or profile version that it is trying to read is incompatible with the application version
Solution: Follow steps 1, 2, 3, and 4

Message: This profile is not compatible with the device. Please read the profile directly from the device
Reason: This error appears when you try to send a profile to a device with a different version
Solution: First read the device from the application, modify the program (if necessary) and resend it to the device

Some models of mobile telephones do not allow you to connect to devices without having paired them first or having linked them from the mobile telephone menu Bluetooth/pair or link.

In our web site, a PDF file is available over the selected product; click in option “Instructions”. You can also request it by fax or e-mail; we will send it as soon as possible.

To carry out the programming of the zone at our astronomical time switches both with the ASTRO NOVA CITY (A.N.C) and with ASTRO SAT (A.S), we press the ok or menu button and the fixed “menu” title and different options will appear on the screen, “zone” with the A.N.C model and “program” in the (A.S) mode; both options will be flashing and using the arrows we move the option to the zone and select “ok” ( or “menu”); once inside, it will show us the provincial capital it has configured by default (A.N.C) or the country option and then the provincial capital (A.S). Once the province where the installation is located has been selected, we will be shown the sunrise time for that day; in both models we will be given the option of correcting the timetable we have been shown (“CORR” or “CORR. SAT) both at the Sunrise and Sunset time and using the arrows we make the relevant adjustments where necessary, pressing ok (or “menu”) and the clock will appear on the final screen showing us the main screen with the date and time of the current day. In both models the sunrise and Sunset times are programmed by default on both circuits. If we wish to change said programming in any of the models or circuits, all we have to choose when programming is the “Fixed time” option instead of Sunrise or Sunset.

The first selection system relates to the measured intensity by phase at the existing installation and in this regard select the corresponding equipment. If we know the number of lights per phase and their power, we can use the equipment selection table and in this way we will have the Stabiliser usage factor included.
The way of selecting a CTM will be defined in terms of currency and time schedule:
  • Type of coin or token (can only be changed at the factory).
  • Type of fixed time programming (can only be changed at the factory) MECHANICAL CTM or programmable ELECTRONIC CTM.
  • Optional CTM MECHANICAL PRE-notification of time completion, BASIC ELECTRONIC CTM flashes the display and CTM ELECTRONIC relay programmed.
Situation of location of the latter in damp place, 24 V power supply option.

Whenever carrying out a project, you must bear in mind all the installation factors which will help you to choose the most suitable detector. We must bear in mind the type of assembly, surface or mounted on a wall or ceiling, IP protection level, whether it will be placed outside or not; we will evaluate the field of action of the device, observing the number of meters we wish to cover as well as the loads we wish to control with the device. Once this has been decided and we have chosen our proximity detector, we will respect the wiring diagram. The presence of highly reflective surfaces, elements subject to sudden temperature changes or light sources and objects likely to move with the wind will be avoided in its detection area. At the installation it should be taken into account that detection occurs when the heat source to be detected crosses the cell detection beams and consequently, if the heat source is parallel to said beams, the proximity detector will have less sensitivity and the detection will occur at a shorter distance until arriving very close to the appliance, thus shortening the detection field.

Schedule a phone driver CODITEL for activation set by missed call and manual switching ON / OFF:

  • We enter the special programming mode, pressing the SET button for 5 seconds; the output diode will flash green-red.
  • We make a missed call to configure our ADMIN number. (We receive a confirmation SMS, our phone no. is the Administrator).
  • Once our ADMIN no. has been confirmed, we will return to special programming mode by pressing the SET button for 5 seconds and the output diode will flash green-red.
  • We send an SMS from our Administrator no.: OUTRING TOGGLE
  • We send an SMS from our Administrator no.: OUTKEY TOGGLE
The accuracy of an astronomical time switch is greater than that of a twilight switch, particularly if we bear in mind the deviation the latter may suffer due to climatological conditions or environmental contamination. Furthermore, in accordance with the Energy Efficiency Regulation, in Outdoor Lighting Installations of over 5 Kw, The activation must be done with an astronomical time switch or centralized system. Meanwhile, a twilight switch may be installed if they are lower than this power threshold. An example has been included below:

If the program has been correctly introduced and the installation is according with the wiring diagram, pay attention to the ON operation: if the expected time is before the programming time, this operation will not be executed, but the next programmed one at the current time of the device.

If the device is correctly programmed and has been installed according with the wiring diagram, it is possible that a manual override operation has been introduced by the keyboard; in this case there will be a permanent ON or OFF in the installation, avoiding any automatic program. To enable/disable this option, press for a few seconds in the key corresponding with the circuit; the state of the circuit will be clearly indicated in the display with a dot (•ON/connect or •OFF/disconnect)
Firstly, we need some information about our installation, whether it is a single phase or three-phase installation. What power will be contracted with the electric company? What will the electric zone and time discrimination capacity be? We must also know whether our meter is to be installed with current and/or voltage transformers, where applicable, which will help us to choose between a direct or indirect connection meter. With all this data and the specifications which appear at our web page you can choose the most appropriate power measurement meter.

As a general rule, many electrical installers are used to assembling the PULSALUZ automatic stairway lighting switch which requires a phase wire and push button for installation. By contrast, with the PULSAMAT automatic stairway lighting switch, we will require the following for its connection; phase, push button and neutral.

To carry out this operation we need to install a digital time switch which enables us to carry out a pulse operation (such as the digital time switches DATA MICRO+ and/or DATA LOG. In this type of operation we can select the time we need to maintain the contact closed to act on our load. This time may be anything from one second to fifty nine seconds.
If we only have one meter at our installation, the communication will be made via the RS232 communication port; if due to project requirements, there are several meters we can assemble an RS485 meter network, connecting all of the meters in parallel with only two wires. This option will be limited to 32 units and 1200 meters total length. In this installation there must be a termination resistance or loop closure of around 100-120 Ohms. The starting loop resistance is usually included in the ISO485 converter (RS232 to RS485). The forms of communication will be GSM RS232 Modem, GSM RS485 Modem, RTC Modem or Ethernet (TCP/IP).
If the motion switch you have installed does not have a test mode (the test mode facilitates assembly adjustments at our installation and it goes on and off constantly regardless of the values selected at the potentiometers), what may be happening is that the cell is constantly resetting. In this case we will have to check whether in the cell detection area there is any reflective surface, elements subject to sudden temperature changes, objects which can be moved by the wind or even the heat released by the load we are controlling.

If you have installed an ORBIS thermostat or programmable thermostat and your boiler does not stop, you should first check that your device is wired according to the diagram in the instructions manual. Maybe the operation of your device is reversed.

If your thermostat or programmable thermostat is driving a higher load than the maximum rated load for the relay, the device’s internal relay may have become stuck. The manufacturer’s recommended technical limits should never be exceeded.

The device includes a communication system based on MODBUS protocol and allows connecting to a Master device (PC/PLC…) on a common RS 485 line that will take up to 32 slave devices with no additional signal boosters, to a maximum distance of 1 000 m. The system will allow up to 247 slave devices in groups of 32, each group connected through a specific signal booster. Transmission rate is selectable: 9600, 4800, 2400, 1200 bps. Transmission format: 1 start bit, 8 data bits, 1 parity bit (to be set to “none”, “odd” or “even”) and 1 stop bit. The device is delivered with the following factory settings: 9600, 8 N 1 (visible on the display).

Taking these details into account, adding a device to the system requires entering the meter communication address correctly in the CONTAX D BUS software configuration section. This address is found under the device’s bar code.

This is something that may occur due to the growth of LED loads in the market, since LED starters may cause very high current peaks on relay closure, depending on the wave crossing point.

If your detector is an older model or does not include built-in zero crossing protection, the relay may become stuck. For LED load driving, always use detectors that display the following symbol:

Even though the XEOLUM device was originally intended as a Street Lighting Facility Manager, it allows other useful applications such as using its outputs as programmable time switches. Its built-in analysers enable circuit analysis, alarm reporting and the management and operation of the facilities at your business, through a Web platform that allows viewing the device. Communications are established through the GPRS modem built in the device by inserting an M2M data card and adding the device to the XEOLUM Web platform.

This is a normal occurrence if your device is old or has been operating for a long time with no external supply. The internal battery may be dead.

If this is the case, kindly return the device to our premises for repair by our Technical Service

No, our CONTAX series, three-phase modular energy meters can only be used in 3 × 230/400 V systems, with or without neutral (depending on model specifications).

Changing the time settings requires only modifying the configuration of the built-in microswitches according to the table below:

In order to change the type of coin or token, the entry needs to be modified and the internal purse should be reset. This requires sending the device to our premises for modification by our Technical Service.

You can access the required information from the HOME screen in our Web page: DOWNLOADS / TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS / APPLICATION NOTES.

Below is a scheduling example with screenshots for the following configuration:

Period 1, from 1 January to 31 August.
C1 and C2 ON, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 02:00H.
C1 and C2 OFF, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 05:00H.

Period 2, from 1 September to 31 December.
C1 and C2 ON, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 12:00H.
C1 and C2 OFF, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 19:00H.

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