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Interruptores horarios digitales

Digital time switches

Digital time controllers are an essential element for automating the operation of machinery, circuits, and electrical systems in residential and industrial buildings, offices, and commercial premises, providing comfort and avoiding unnecessary power consumption.
Thanks to their microprocessor, they allow daily, weekly or monthly programming, as well as special functions such as pulses, cycles, random power-ons to simulate the presence of people, or counting of operating hours.

Designed for DIN rail mounting, the product range of digital time controllers can be integrated into electrical panels with the rest of the electrical control and protection elements in residential, commercial, or industrial electrical systems.

A product range of digital time controllers designed for installation in industrial electrical panels in factories and production machinery.
They offer three mounting options:
Surface: directly on wall or panel and fed using a cable duct or electric tube.
Built-in: built-in mounting in the installation box door with a square hole drill.
DIN rail: on DIN rail and modular with the rest of the control and electrical protection elements.

Digital industrial time controllers designed for incorporation in manufacturing machinery, air conditioning or pumping systems, electrical automation panels, etc.

Quick and direct connection to the main socket without the need for building work, ideal for homes and offices.

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