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interruptores horarios analógicos

Analogue time switches

Many implementations require operation at specific times. For example, the heating system in a business or office, the purification system for a swimming pool, etc. An analogue time switch allows you to set the operating hours of these devices by simply setting the trippers to the on or off position. Automate your electrical installation and avoid unnecessary consumption with our product range of analogue time switches..

The modular-type analogue time switches are designed for mounting on the popular symmetrical 35 mm x 7.5 mm DIN rail.
This design allows them to fit perfectly into standard electrical panels with the rest of the control and protection elements.

Analogue time switches designed for use in industrial environments such as factories, production machinery, water treatment plants, air conditioning systems, etc.
They offer three mounting options:
Surface: directly on wall or panel and fed using a cable duct or electric tube.
Built-in: built-in mounting in the installation box door with a square hole drill.
DIN rail: on DIN rail and modular with the rest of the control and electrical protection elements.

The product range of industrial time controllers for customized, high-demand OEM requirements.
Configurable technical characteristics, format, or color for customized incorporation in industrial end products such as machinery, control centers, heating or pumping systems, etc.

Time programmers designed to be installed in an electrical installation box. They integrate perfectly with the rest of the house, hotel, or office systems, and provide comfort by automating the lighting, awnings, blinds, and any other domestic circuit’s operation.

Programmers for the switching on and off scheduling of household appliances in homes, premises, or offices. Standard schuko sockets make it easier to switch on and off electric radiators, air conditioners, washing machines or lights. This makes energy consumption more efficient and prevents appliances from being forgotten to be switched off.

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