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Hidden fitting in installation or junction box, false ceiling, etc., and compatible with any pushbutton on the market. It works without a ground connection, so it only needs a parallel connection to the push button. Quick installation in just a few seconds.

Useful Environments

Where do we use it?


Neighbourhood communities

Public buildings

Municipal management

Hotels and Hospitals

Marinas and campsites

Business Premises and Offices

Schools/sports facilities



Access and Service Areas

Technical characteristics

Power supply

230 V ac , 50 Hz

Switching capacity

1,5 to 230 V ac

Operating temp.

-10 ºC to +50 ºC

Degree of protection

IP 20 according to EN 60529

Max. Recomm. Load:


25 W-400 W

Halogen (12 V ac)

50 VA-250 VA

Halogen (230 V ac)

18 W-400 W

Documentation and downloads

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