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Automáticos de escalera

Staircase timers

Linked to a push button, they allow the timing of any electrical circuit. They are often used to control lighting in stairwells and communal areas of residential and office buildings, ensuring that energy consumption is generated only when necessary.
They can also be used to control lighting in basements and storerooms, cleaning rooms, bathrooms, changing rooms, garages, towel dryer timers, fans, water pumps or signalling equipment.

Timers designed for DIN rail mounting into electrical panels with the rest of the electrical control and protection elements in residential, commercial, or industrial electrical systems.

Timer designed for facilities without an electrical panel. Directly mounted on a wall or smooth surface.

Lighting timers designed for installation in an electrical installation box. They integrate seamlessly with the rest of the home, hotel, or office systems, and provide comfort by automating the lighting or any other electric circuit’s switching off.

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