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LED emergency supplementary light for mounting in a rectangular 3-module installation box (type 503). In the event of a power failure, it remains on for up to 2 hours, providing 600 lumen of luminous flux. Easily removable for use as a torch.

Useful Environments

Where do we use it?


Neighbourhood communities

Public buildings

Municipal management

Hotels and Hospitals

Marinas and campsites

Business Premises and Offices

Schools/sports facilities



Access and Service Areas

Technical characteristics

Power supply

230 V ac ± 10 % + battery

Nominal frequency

50 Hz

Lamp light level

5 lm / 30 lm / 150 lm / 600 lm

Degree of protection

IP40 according to EN 60529

Operating temperature

-10 ºC to 40 ºC

Documentation and downloads

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