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Residential and tertiary

ORBIS dimmers allow us to regulate the light intensity of one or more light sources, such as bulbs, fluorescent, or LEDs with a 230 Vac power supply.

The ORBIS timers allow the automatic switching off of voluntary light switching by manual button press.

These devices emit light when there is a power failure in the home, premises, or office. Its main purpose is to provide an indirect orientation light on the floor as a visual aid for people in rooms, corridors, and stairwells while the power supply is being restored.

The use of battery-powered electronic devices that require a connection to a USB port to charge or operate is on the rise, but we find ourselves rarely carrying or finding a charger available when needed. USB power sockets or power supplies are the ideal solution to provide immediate recharging in homes, hotels, or offices.

These are devices that use GSM communication cards. These, through calls and SMS, allow to use the device and receive alerts.

Commonly installed in homes, offices, or businesses, they indicate the presence of people. With only a connection to a push button, our visitors will be able to notify their arrival.

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