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Integrated with a KNX home or building automation system, it allows intercommunication with the other elements of the installation, such as lighting, air conditioning, security, access control, etc. This allows efficient energy management events, as well as increased security and comfort in the home or building.

Useful Environments

Where do we use it?


Neighbourhood communities

Public buildings

Municipal management

Hotels and Hospitals

Marinas and campsites

Business Premises and Offices

Schools/sports facilities



Access and Service Areas

Technical characteristics

Power supply

21 a 30 V dc (via KNX)

Power consumption

10 mA

Detection angle


Detection field

Up to 24 m diameter at 2.5 m high

Sensibility range

20% a 100%

Lux level range

10 to 2000 lux -¥

Timing range

30 s a 60 min

Degree of protection

IP20 according to to EN 60529

Operating temperature

from -20 ºC to 45 ºC

Documentation and downloads

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