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Detectores de presencia

Presence detectors

Designed to control efficient lighting operation in living areas such as offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.
Equipped with high-capacity sensors, they detect small movements and continuously measure the ambient brightness in order to switch off artificial lighting if there is sufficient natural light.
The installation of presence detectors in offices and office buildings entails a reduction of between 13% and 50% in consumption.

Versatile installation. They can be either flush or surface mounted on the ceiling or fitted in an electrical installation box.

Its enclosure is designed for surface mounting on ceilings and guarantees 360º coverage of the detection field.

Discreet flush-mounting on the ceiling with a circular drill hole. Once installed, they are practically even with the ceiling, not standing out from the room decoration.

Designed to detect movement hidden behind walls or ceilings, its design allows for installations that require the detector to be hidden from view, either for aesthetic or security reasons.

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