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Detectores de movimiento

Motion detectors

Particularly suitable for automating the switching on of lighting in transit or short-stay areas such as corridors, stairways, bathrooms, etc.
If light conditions are below the chosen level and motion is detected, the device will activate its output contact. It will remain
on for as long as it continues detecting motion and will start the timer when no longer detected. The estimated energy savings of the use of motion detectors are between 30% and 80%.

Its enclosure is designed for surface mounting on ceilings and guarantees 360º coverage of the detection field.

Discreet flush-mounting on ceiling with a circular drill hole. Once installed, they are practically at the ceiling level, not standing out from the room decoration.

Mounting with fixing screws on smooth walls in corridors, landings, or stairways.

They can be mounted either on the ceiling or a wall surface, whether smooth or angled.

Designed to detect movement while concealed behind walls or ceilings, its design allows for installations that require the detector to be hidden from view, either for aesthetic or security reasons.

Motion detectors designed for fitting in an electrical installation box. Seamless integration in the home, hotel, or office. It replaces the existing manual switch and optimizes the lighting operation in corridors, bathrooms, storerooms, etc.

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