LED ceiling light with double lighting level and 3 possible color temperatures: 3000 K (warm white light), 4000 K (neutral white light), and 6000 K (cool white light). Equipped with high-frequency detection technology that offers increased sensitivity to the slightest movement.

Equipped with a courtesy light function that keeps the lighting at 30% to avoid being left without light in dark areas, such as storage rooms, garages, corridors, etc.

Useful Environments

Where do we use it?

Business Premises and Offices

Schools/sports facilities



Access and Service Areas


Neighbourhood communities

Public buildings

Municipal management

Hotels and Hospitals

Marinas and campsites

Technical characteristics

Power supply

230 V ac ± 10 %

Nominal frequency

50 Hz / 60 Hz

Lamp light level

1200 lm / 2N: 360 lm

Colour temperature

3000 K (warm white) / 4000 K (neutral white) / 6000 K (cool white)

Detection angle

360 º

Detection field

from 4 to 16 m diameter at 2.5 m high (ceiling) / from 5 to 15 m diametertat 2 m high (wall)

Light sensibility

3 to 2000 lux

Timing range

10 s to 12 min

Degree of protection

IP66 according to EN 60529, IK10 according to EN 62262

Operating temperature

-10 ºC to + 50 ºC