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Motion/presence detectors

Particularly suitable for automating the switching on of lighting in transit or short-stay areas such as corridors, stairways, bathrooms, etc.
If light conditions are below the chosen level and motion is detected, the device will activate its output contact. It will remain
on for as long as it continues detecting motion and will start the timer when no longer detected. The estimated energy savings of the use of motion detectors are between 30% and 80%.

Designed to control efficient lighting operation in living areas such as offices, meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.
Equipped with high-capacity sensors, they detect small movements and continuously measure the ambient brightness in order to switch off artificial lighting if there is sufficient natural light.
The installation of presence detectors in offices and office buildings entails a reduction of between 13% and 50% in consumption.

Additional items that allow you to improve the functions or features of your motion or presence detector.

They allow direct replacement of the existing lights and automate the switching on when detecting movement, as long as there is not enough natural light in the area. They provide savings of up to 60% in lighting consumption by avoiding lights on when not needed.

Both indoor and indoor electrical systems need specific requirements to be met by the motion sensor integrated LED luminaire. They provide electricity consumption savings and visual comfort when natural light is insufficient.

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