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During the winter, heating costs rise sharply up to 40% of total energy consumption. The main savings action to be taken in air conditioning installations is to control the temperature in homes, premises, or offices. It is estimated that by reducing the control temperature by one degree Celsius, we obtain a heating saving of 6%.

The temperature of the room can be adjusted manually using the dial on the front. It only requires setting the desired temperature for the thermostat to command the boiler to switch on or off to maintain it.

They come with a digital display for easy reading of the room and desired temperature. They also allow you to pre-select three temperature settings. These are manually set up according to the number of people or activity needs of the room.

Touchscreen displays bring sharpness, clarity, and high contrast to the screen display. This enhances the user experience when programming the heating system temperature. They are also very long-lasting, scratch-resistant, and easy to clean.

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