Small, compactly designed room thermostat with high precision and durability thanks to gas membrane operation. Equipped with a manual control for the permanent switching on/off of the air conditioning and another one for selecting between air conditioning and heating. No batteries or power supply are required, so installation is very simple and maintenance-free.

Useful Environments

Where do we use it?

Entrances / service areas


Neightbourhood communities

Public buildings

Management of local areas

Hotels / hospitals

Marinas / Campsites

Business premises / offices

Schools / soports facilities



Technical characteristics

Contacto conmutado

10 A 250 V ac

Temp. de regulación

de +5 ºC a +30 ºC

Grado de protección

IP 20 según EN 60529

Temp. funcionamiento

0 ºC a + 50 ºC


en superficie o sobre caja de mecanismo.

Documentation and downloads