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According to the Real Academia Española de la Lengua, domotics is the set of systems that automate the different installations in a home. The term is constructed from domus (house) and automatica (automatic).

Practically all tasks related to programming, energy saving, comfort, security, communications and accessibility in the home can be automated through domotics.

A domotic installation in a home can be carried out through different types of architecture:

  • Centralised architecture, using a central controller, sensors and different actuators.
  • Distributed architecture, using different independent sensors and actuators.
  • Mixed architecture, which combines the two previous models.

In turn, these installations will have different types of devices: controller or central management, actuator, sensor, transmitter and user interface; each of them with a specific function in the chain of action.

In this article, we are going to take a closer look at the most accessible home automation, which does not require complex installations or a large deployment of devices. We will talk about climate management (heating and air conditioning) through chronothermostats with WIFI connectivity, a simple and economical way to manage the temperature of the home and office.

Chronothermostats with WIFI connectivity

The recommendation of the Institute for Energy Diversification and Saving (IDAE) is to adjust the heating on and off times to the actual occupancy time of the home. It also recommends, in order to sleep comfortably, not to exceed a temperature of 17º at night.

Arriving home and finding it at the ideal temperature generates a priceless feeling of well-being and, although it may seem otherwise, it also generates great savings in energy bills.

This technological solution makes it possible to control the temperature of the home by following a specific programme adapted to the different levels of activity in the home. If it also has WIFI connectivity, it can be programmed and controlled remotely, as well as providing other functionalities.

How much can I save with a chronothermostat?

By following the manufacturer’s instructions and the energy supplier’s recommendations, a chronothermostat can help you save between 10% and 30% on your heating bill.

According to the latest data*, 45% of the energy consumed in the home is used to heat or cool rooms and part of it is wasted by heating and cooling unoccupied spaces.

How a chronothermostat works

This device detects, through its electrical sensors, the ambient temperature of the room in which it is installed, and compares it with the programmed temperature for that moment. When it finds that it is lower than the programmed temperature, it turns on the heating or air-conditioning system’s boiler. Once the setpoint temperature is reached, it orders the boiler to switch off again. This constant detection allows the chronothermostat to maintain the ideal temperature selected at all times.

Unlike thermostats, it is designed to control the temperature in hourly periods and throughout the days of the week, whereas a thermostat is programmable with a single temperature parameter regardless of hours and days.

Advantages of installing a WIFI chronothermostat

These are the advantages of the chronothermostat models with WIFI communication manufactured by ORBIS:

  • Convenient digital programming via an application developed for smartphone or tablet. Programming and control can therefore be done remotely, whether you are away from home or comfortably seated on the sofa.
  • Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa voice assistants, allowing us to centralise climate management in the home.
  • The devices are designed to create up to 6/7 independent programmes for each day of the week, with 3 different temperatures. In this way, we can adjust the climate control to the presence of the family at home and to the different activities carried out in the home: working days, holidays, nights, …
  • These systems are easy to use thanks to the backlighting of the touch screen and the ergonomic keys, which are also tactile. For greater comfort, the lighting can be set in different colours or in a “do not disturb” night mode.
  • The daily schedule is displayed on the screen, along with the daily maximum/minimum temperature and relative humidity display. This function allows access to the information without the need to manipulate the system.
  • From the app, you can also view the temperature and relative humidity of your home, edit the schedule, manually control the temperature and turn the heating on or off. No matter where you are, comfort and savings in your home are assured.
  • The use of the application for mobile devices also offers other control opportunities such as the management of several chronothermostats individually or in groups, programming with the copy/paste function with the consequent time saving, programming to switch off during the holiday period, “anti-freeze” safety temperature to protect the pipes and password lock to prevent unauthorised changes to the programming.

ORBIS, intelligent energy

The ORBIS catalogue of products for climate control management includes several models of WIFI-connected chronothermostats that ensure comfort in the home, energy savings and respect for our environment:


And all of them can be managed from your mobile phone and tablet to provide complete, convenient and easy control of the room temperature:

NEXU App, TUO App.

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