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Viaris smart chargers, the only chargers with charge modulation in three-phase or single-phase flexible mode depending on the power available in your installation. 

What charger do I need for my electric car? What power do I need to charge an electric vehicle? Do I need to increase the power in my home?  In this article we show you the key factors that you should analyse before buying a charger for your EV and, above all, we show you why you should always choose a smart charger with charge modulation, which will allow you to optimise your energy consumption and save on your electricity bill. If you have chosen to contribute to decarbonisation and help build a better planet, keep reading. 

You have chosen not to pollute and make a smart use of energy. 

The decision to buy a vehicle has always required a thorough study of the existing offer on the market in order to find the model that meets the buyer’s needs, whether personal or professional. 

Now, with the expansion of electric vehicle use, all those individuals who want to join the decarbonisation of the planet and an efficient and smart use of energy must also think about what type of electric vehicle charger they should purchase and install in their garage.  

Like the supply of vehicles, there is also a wide range of chargers on the market, and it is very important to choose the one that can both meet your charging needs and efficiently treat the energy it supplies to the vehicle and shares with the rest of the installation in the home/business. 

Factors for choosing a charger 

There are 5 fundamental factors when it comes to choosing a charger model: 

  • Type of connector to the vehicle. 
  • Type of charge (single-phase or three-phase) depending on the installation of the home/business. 
  • Autonomy of the car. 
  • Vehicle charging speed. 
  • Budget available. 

You must find a balance between these 5 factors and, above all, opt for one that offers flexibility in the type and speed of EV charging without adding an extra cost to your electricity bill. 

Viaris smart chargers 

The Orbis Viaris range of chargers is designed and developed to find that balance. They are smart chargers capable of offering, from a single device, solutions for all types of needs (type of connector and charge), in any environment (public or private) and with any energy source (mains, photovoltaic installation or both). 

Smart and autonomous selection of the charging mode: single-phase or three-phase. 

The electricity consumption of your home or business affects the charging speed of your EV; each appliance or machine connected to your installation reduces the charging capacity of your electric charger. 

Thus, if the consumption inside the home is high, or the amount of sunlight available is low in the case of a photovoltaic installation, the installation may not have the necessary power to charge your vehicle. 

For example, if your installation is three-phase, and the available power is less than 4,140W, your car could stop charging. 

The Viaris smart charger, through its unique charge modulation system, constantly analyses the total power consumed by the home or business, while also managing the power available to recharge the vehicle battery in the most efficient way, and without exceeding the maximum power limit of the installation. 

Thus, when it detects low available power, the modulation system switches from three-phase to single-phase mode to take advantage of the available power and never stop charging. 

If you have a photovoltaic installation, the functionality also detects the moments of maximum availability of sunlight and will charge in three-phase mode to make better use of the available electricity. 

Orbis’ R&D+i department, whose objective is to design technologies aimed at making an efficient use of energy, has developed this unique functionality on the market that allows for a smart and autonomous selection of the charging mode for the electric vehicle. In this way, it achieves the best use of the available power (high or low) in the electrical installation throughout the day. 

This allows you to go about your home or business activities without interruption, while also charging your EV and getting the most out of the selected electricity tariff. 

Click here if you want to watch the explanatory video. 

Utility model recognised by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. 

This unique and smart single-phase/three-phase charging mode selection functionality is only available in Viaris chargers, and this is because Orbis, thanks to its constant efforts in R&D+i, has Utility Model number 202230298 recognised by the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. The Utility Model is a title that recognises the right to exclusively exploit an invention, preventing others from manufacturing, selling or using it without the consent of the owner. 

Advantages of the exclusive “single-phase/three-phase smart charge modulation” functionality 

These are some of the advantages of the unique functionality of Viaris smart chargers: 

  • Optimisation of the power contracted at your home or business. Charging will be carried out with the power available, giving priority to the internal consumption of the home/business.  
  • With this functionality, only available in Viaris smart chargers, it is not necessary to contract more power when installing an EV charger. 
  • Significant savings on electricity bills, as there is no need to contract a higher power supply when installing the charger. The charge modulation functionality not only allows you to charge with the minimum energy available, it also selects the time of least use inside the home and charges the vehicle during this time, for example, in the early hours of the morning, allowing you to enjoy cheaper energy. 
  • This avoids the inconvenient unexpected tripping of the protections due to overloaded consumption, and therefore does not alter the activities taking place inside the home/business.  

Here you can view all models in the Orbis Viaris range of smart chargers. 

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