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The implementation of energy efficient management technology used in street lighting brings large systematic energy savings, with great impact on public accounts, and contributes to the construction of a more environmentally friendly world. Energy savings, sustainability and budgetary impact go hand in hand in the design and manufacture of ORBIS’s outdoor lighting management catalog.

There are different solutions that contribute to the improvement of the efficiency of outdoor lighting, both in public and private installations. The on and off control of the exterior luminaires can be managed by astronomical time switches, also called astronomical clocks, twilight switches or by telemanagement and XEO LUM.

What is an astronomical time switch?

Astronomical time switches, also called astronomical clocks, are automatic function digital time programming devices. They are prepared to perform the autonomous calculation of the daily sunrise and sunset times according to the geographical coordinates of the installation point. This function allows them to activate the on and off of outdoor lighting circuits coinciding with sunset or sunrise, making the most of the natural light available each day thus maximising efficiency, savings and energy consumption. In addition, with the ASTRO NOVA CITY it is only necessary to configure the provincial capital in which it is installed, so that daily adjust the lighting schedule at the time of sunrise and sunset.


What is a twilight switch?

Twilight switches are products designed to activate a lighting circuit when natural light decreases from the programmed level. They therefore have two relevant functions, outdoor lighting level detection and lighting circuit activation. These two functions have a great impact: safety of having the appropriate lighting level, energy saving and economic savings.


What is the functional difference between an astronomical time switch and a twilight switch?

Although both provide on and off of the outdoor lighting at dusk and dawn, the twilight switch, having a photocell through which natural light penetrates, is able to identify other situations in which natural lighting decreases, such as cloudy days, and activate the ignition of the installation.

ORBIS, expert in energy efficiency in outdoor street lighting installations.

ORBIS offers a wide range of astronomical and twilight switches, backed by the more than 30 million products successfully installed in more than 60 countries, so that its customers have all the necessary energy when it is needed, but with the functionalities that allow not to waste it when it is not necessary.

The management and energy efficiency of public outdoor lighting, dependent on local, regional or state entities, has been one of the company’s product development objectives for more than 70 years, positioning ORBIS as an international reference and solvent partner in public lighting facilities in cities, highways, tunnels and bridges.

IDAE (Spanish Institute for Diversification and Energy Savings) aid for the renovation of street lighting.

Building sustainable and energy efficient environments is one of the concerns of current public administrations, proof of this is, for example, the initiative launched by IDAE, which offers support for the renovation of public lighting to municipalities, deputies and other local entities worth EUR 100 million in the form of interest-free repayable loans.

The renovation of street lighting implies the reduction of the lighting power of existing lighting installations by replacing existing lighting equipment with higher-performance luminaires, higher-efficiency light sources or electronic equipment for regulation and control, and to reduce light pollution of the environment compared to replaced lighting.

XEO LUM, the perfect partner in large street lighting facilities.

An example of a control device for public outdoor lighting installations is XEO LUM. This product from the ORBIS catalog is an advanced and compact geopositional telemanagement system for large public lighting projects.

It makes the connection through an integrated modem and allows you to activate the various functionalities while sending relevant information to users:

  • It has 4 circuits capable of controlling independent ignitions with weekly, annual or astronomical programming.
  • It has 10 digital entries that will allow you to send notices to the maintainer for incidents or changes in the status of the installation.
  • It offers two network analysers that record the values corresponding to both the power input and the output to the lamps.
  • It allows to manage teams on the web with real-time information, remote action, consumption reports, historical, SMS or email alerts, etc.
  • It is adaptable to any control center (9 DIN modules)
  • It facilitates its management through the best free web application on the market.

Applications of the tele-management system of lighting XEO LUM.

We distinguish three applications of this complete telemanagement system:

  • Control center without savings systems: for tele management with alarm integration, astronomical programming, consumption, voltages and auxiliary outputs.
  • Dual level command center with line of command: from the XEO LUM you can configure both astronomical and reduced-time programming of the lighting system.
  • Control centre with voltage stabiliser and luminous flux reducer: if a stabiliser-reducer of any brand is available, the aforementioned functions can be applied. If the equipment is an ESDONI, in addition the XEO LUM allows to modify the internal parameters (stabilised voltage level, maximum reduction and phased reduction by time periods), facilitating the adaptation of the lighting to the needs of the track, both generally and occasionally, without the need to move a maintenance technician to the installation.

Toledo, an example of ORBIS’s efficient lighting and systematic savings project.

The city of Toledo in Spain, declared by UNESCO a World Heritage Site in 1986, implemented a project of efficient lighting and systematic savings in the exterior public lighting and in all the most emblematic monumental buildings of the city.

This project also incorporates stabilisers – flow reducers and telemanagement equipment to save and control the lighting levels in road lighting.

Time programming equipment, such as the ASTRO NOVA CITY, was installed for outdoor lighting management, such as the XEO LUM and flow reducers-stabilisers such as ESDONI EN/SN.

Green energy is the one that is not consumed.

Our products are always designed under the motto the cleanest energy is the one that is not consumed, that is why our customers, thanks to the quality and innovation of our catalog, always have all the necessary energy they need, but only when they require it.

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