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If you are interested in the electrical world and you want to find out more about our products, you should not miss our four ORBIS PRO Master Classes, in webinar format, provided by Lauren Teba, our National EV Charging Station Management, Training and Implementation Manager, this year: 

  • September, 20th at 17:00. Viaris Connectivity. Sign up here so you don’t miss out. 
  • October, 11th at 17:00. SPL-ORBIS. You can sign up here. 
  • November, 15th at 17:00. Charging Station Management. We will provide more information shortly. 
  • December, 13th at 17:00. VIARIS Solar. We will provide more information shortly. 


Our first ORBIS PRO Master Class will be held on September 20th, at 17:00

In this webinar we will talk about the importance of connectivity to manage charging points and how to configure VIARIS electric vehicle charging stations via WIFI, Ethernet and Modem. 

Sign up here to enjoy this webinar. 

In the second ORBIS PRO Master Class we will discuss how SPL-ORBIS is necessary to dynamically manage power to prevent installations being oversized, we will analyse the current regulations and the advantages of installing this system for savings. This webinar will take place on October 11th, at 17:00. Sign up here to enjoy this webinar.

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